7 things to know if you get into a car accident

Probably the most important thing to know if you get into a car accident is that you’re prepared to deal with it.  For example, you have a dashcam in place.  You also have a first-aid kit (and the knowledge to use it) and any other relevant emergency supplies.  Assuming all that is in place, here […]

What to do when you’re emotionally hurting?

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. This fact is now recognized by the law. As a result, it is now increasingly likely that you will be able to make a claim against someone whose actions damage your mental health. In many ways, this area of the law follows the same […]

What to do if a service is so poor it hurts you

Although malpractice claims are generally associated with the medical profession, they can, in principle, be made against any profession, so long as four criteria are met. The service provider must have a professional duty regarding the client. They must have breached this duty. The client must have suffered some form of damage, e.g. injury, emotional […]

What to do if you are hurt by a defective product

If you are injured by a defective product, then you may have a compensation claim. It is, however, vital to address your claim in the right way. Here is some guidance. You need to be able to detail your injury and its consequences This is true for any liability case. Judges need to know what […]

What to do if you are hurt at work

Regardless of your employment status, your employer has a duty of care towards you. This means that if you are hurt at work, you may be able to claim compensation from them. It will help your case enormously if you follow the correct procedure. Here is some guidance. Get medical attention straight away Your first […]

What to do if you have an accident in a public place

Public places have owners and those owners have a duty to keep them safe. This means that if you have an accident in a public place, you may be able to make a claim against whoever owns it. Here is some guidance on what you should do. Take notes on what happened and where it […]

Accident advice for bikers and cyclists

Bikers (and moped riders) and cyclists are much more vulnerable than people in enclosed vehicles. This means that you need to take the possibility of accidents very seriously. Your top priority should be to prevent them. You must, however, recognize that you cannot prevent all accidents. You can, however, be prepared for them. Accident prevention […]

What to do if you are bitten by a dog

Dog bites are commonplace incidents. They can happen for many reasons from play getting too rough to serious aggression. Here is a brief guide to what steps you should take if you receive a dog bite. Obviously, you will need to tailor them to the situation and put your personal safety first. Locate the owner […]