Identifying a Good Lawyer



There are Four Key Factors that we identify when referring you to a lawyer in Ontario.

Negotiation skills

1 - Negotiation skills.

A lawyer’s negotiation skills are at the top of the list.

A lawyer’s negotiation skill will get you the most value for your money. Good negotiators will seek to obtain a result that is a fair outcome and an outcome which you feel good about. It means the outcome is also workable and has staying power. The best lawyers are masters of selectively using leverage to help guide a dispute toward resolution. The best lawyers are chess, not checkers. When a lawyer is not a good negotiator, disputes cost more and outcomes are less favorable. Negotiation is not an easy skill to evaluate unless you have seen a negotiation live in action. has observed negotiation skills first hand and from customer feedback, we have compiled our list of lawyers in all practices that can be relied upon.

2- Responsiveness.

Finding the best law firm means a law firm will be high responsive to your case. A case can last years to reach a settlement or a finality. It is important that both you and the law firm can connect with one another over the course of the trial.

What you want is a lawyer who treats you as though they were involved in an accident and are seeking justice. You want a lawyer who wants to work with you for the sake of seeking justice and not just for your money. You need a personal injury lawyer that you can develop a relationship with, one you can trust and reach out to when you have a concern.

You want to avoid dealing with multiple lawyers as this can become frustrating is often an common complaint. Imagine having to explain your case over and over again and deal with issues in your file from too many lawyers handling your file. has interviewed customers to see how their case was being handled and our list of top lawyers takes into account those law firms that are more personable and keep your file with the same lawyer throughout the case.


3- Presentation skills.

A good lawyer should be able to present well in spontaneous situations and they should be able to present even better when they have prepared a trial presentation.

4-Specific Experience in your case.

You will want a lawyer in Ontario that has handled an issue likes yours many times before. While this may not always be possible because situations can be unique, you can see if the law firm has experience with similar cases. A lawyer with superior negotiation skills can still work in your favor even if they have not handled a case like yours before.

As you can probably see by now, doing research on lawyers in Ontario can be quite tricky. Our free lawyer referral service exists to help you in such situations. Once you briefly explain your situation to us, we will put you in touch with a lawyer that is the best laywer to work with in Ontario! Leave the research to us. refers you to personal injury lawyers for FREE and we take into account all of the factors mentioned above.

to retain the lawyer we connect you with.

Specific Experience
in your case


What Our Customers Say

The Lawyer was mobile and I was Able to sign all documents in the comfort of my own home which was very convenient given my schedule. There were no delays in my closing.

Lucien M. Conn


I got my will done during the Covid-19 pandemic. The whole process was seamless and easier than I thought. We signed everything during a video call and the law firm arranged all the courier services for their witnessing. Progressive service for sure

Arnold G. Cox


Great service, great result. My lawyer was able to get my former employer to pay me additional compensation that I didn’t even know was possible. I’m glad I retained their services otherwise I was leaving money on the table.

George V. Jackson


My human rights were violated at work and the firm took my employer to the tribunal where I won. Very happy with the outcome. I was explained the process every step of the way to ease my fears about court. Highly recommended.

Alberto Williams


Highly recommended family law firm which advocated fiercely for my rights in Court. My ex did their best to make the proceedings difficult but my lawyers were able to get him to pay legal costs.

Theodore M. Ruiz

Building Owner

Very reasonably prices. Gave a free consultation for doing a separation agreement. The work was done professionally and in a timely manner which was great as I was able to move on with my life. Thanks!

Levi L. Garcia



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