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    Employment Law

    Understanding and applying your rights at work can be challenging. It’s therefore vital to get the right professional representation as quickly as possible to maximize your chances of having your issue resolved to your satisfaction.

    ONever assume that your employer has to know better than you because they have lawyers of their own. There are all kinds of reasons why your employer could be in the wrong. For example, they may be acting on out-of-date information or incorrect assumptions or they may just have misunderstood the law themselves. Come and speak to us in total confidence to get an assessment of your situation and to discuss the best path forward. Here are some of the ways we can help.

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    Lawyer Match instantly matches you with lawyers who care about your needs
    and fight for your rights.

    Lawyer Match instantly matches you with lawyers who care about your needs and fight for your rights.

    Wrongful Dismissal/ Termination

    Discrimination in the Workplace


    Ministry of Labour and Ontario Labour Relations Board


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    The Lawyer was mobile and I was Able to sign all documents in the comfort of my own home which was very convenient given my schedule. There were no delays in my closing.

    Lucien M. Conn


    I got my will done during the Covid-19 pandemic. The whole process was seamless and easier than I thought. We signed everything during a video call and the law firm arranged all the courier services for their witnessing. Progressive service for sure

    Arnold G. Cox


    Great service, great result. My lawyer was able to get my former employer to pay me additional compensation that I didn’t even know was possible. I’m glad I retained their services otherwise I was leaving money on the table.

    George V. Jackson


    My human rights were violated at work and the firm took my employer to the tribunal where I won. Very happy with the outcome. I was explained the process every step of the way to ease my fears about court. Highly recommended.

    Alberto Williams


    Highly recommended family law firm which advocated fiercely for my rights in Court. My ex did their best to make the proceedings difficult but my lawyers were able to get him to pay legal costs.

    Theodore M. Ruiz

    Building Owner

    Very reasonably prices. Gave a free consultation for doing a separation agreement. The work was done professionally and in a timely manner which was great as I was able to move on with my life. Thanks!

    Levi L. Garcia



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