What to do if a service is so poor it hurts you

Although malpractice claims are generally associated with the medical profession, they can, in principle, be made against any profession, so long as four criteria are met.

The service provider must have a professional duty regarding the client.
They must have breached this duty.
The client must have suffered some form of damage, e.g. injury, emotional distress or financial loss.
It must be proven that the damage was caused by the breach of duty.

Malpractice cases are often complex, especially, but not only if they relate to medical claims. There are, however, two key rules to dealing with them. The first is to document everything in as much detail as you can. Use photos and videos wherever possible. The second is the speak to a lawyer as soon as possible, not just so you can get the right advice, but also so you can file your claim the right way within the applicable time limits.