How to find a good family law firm

Family lawyers have to help their clients through what can be an incredibly tough time for them. Because of this, family lawyers have to balance solid legal skills with great sensitivity to their clients’ needs. It therefore makes sense to do your research carefully before choosing a family law firm. Here are five questions you should ask.

Can they meet your specific needs?

Facilitating an amicable split through the collaborative divorce process is very different from negotiating an acrimonious split involving children and/or major financial assets. Make sure a family law firm can provide the service you need.

How much experience do they have?

Like everyone else, family lawyers learn by experience. This means that if you are in a challenging situation, then you should definitely look for proof that a family law firm has what it takes to manage it. Having said that, if you have no children and no assets it may be fine to go with a firm that has less experience, particularly if they offer lower fees.

What is their general reputation?

It can be worth having a look around the internet to see if other people have anything interesting to say about a family law firm. Obviously, you’re more likely to find information on long-established firms than younger ones. Having said that, even if a family law firm has only been created recently, you may still be able to find information on individual family lawyers within the company.

Do they offer a free consultation?

A reputable family law firm will generally offer you the chance to come and chat with them to discuss your issue before you decide whether or not you want to sign up with them.

How do you feel about them?

Although this question is purely subjective, it’s also very important. You should only work with a family law firm if you feel completely comfortable with them.

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